Seeking New Vistas

Carrying Doomed Illusion

For The Love Of Haiku

Strength in her heart


alone with herself

though surrounded by loved ones

there’s strength in her heart


5/25/11~ Trapped in Spiral Undertow

upside down i am

trapped in spiral undertow

breathing in my death


Yes, I am repeating a picture. This is the Death card in most decks and I feel that I am dying. My world has been turned upside down and I am not sure how to right it. I guess I will go write it, and hopefully expel the garbage from my head.

5/24/11~I am okay

candles flickering

remind me i am okay

it’s so very hard.

5/21/11~The Balance That Comes With Time

oh to remember

the balance that comes with time

and my intention


5/20/11~Quoting others and agreeing

frou frou says

there is beauty in the breakdown

and i think so too


5/19/11~I will not keep quiet

i don’t want to fight

i will not be told to keep quiet

stop asking me to

5/15/11~A Call to Action, Wake up, Kelly!!!!

awaken, my friend

i bring consciousness and true

transformative fire


It’s time to wake up. I can’t seem to help it. The little voice in my head is goading me to action. I realize what works for me and what is not beneficial. I now insist on the support I deserve, and am heeding the call. The call to consciousness.

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