2/16/11~ A Tangle of Ideas



optimistic drive

in a tangle of ideas

I’ve found a new peace



I am running low on disk space on my computer, so it is hard to load any new pictures 😦 I need to do something about it…. I am using pics I’ve already taken. This one is from the other lovely morning I spent with Heather and Amy.

I have been feeling inspired to do new things, since my old way wasn’t working in some crucial ways, it is time for something different. I am so optimistic, especially because I already feel a shift. I was so worried, but now I plan to forge ahead with the end in mind, knowing that it will work out.   I have recently let a few things go, and given up some habits that weren’t serving me. I have made some positive health changes. I have even switched from coffee to green tea for a while. I think the caffeine doesn’t do me any good. I will now wean off of the caffeinated tea. I was trying to do this with as little withdrawal as possible. So far, so good. I even am less tired. For some reason, I was sleepy the first couple of days, and now I am more awake than ever. Ho.


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