3/17/11~Sparks become flames become fire~



from the depths of black

sparks become flames become fire

to transform a life


The unknown is like the ebony abyss beneath the card of the day. Perhaps there is danger lurking, possibly a gift lies there, maybe a hidden treasure. You don’t know until you explore the shadowy parts that we usually shy away from.

I have been feeling a sense of optimism, and hope, kind of like things will be okay. I have gathered some of my ideas and am lighting them like the tip of a candle.  What will happen next? Not sure, but I don’t have to be. Life is good. It is warm outside and Spring is on the way.  There are plenty of things to be sad about, but I want to put those things aside for a moment and just enjoy this process. Ho.


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  1. March 21, 2011 at 9:58 pm

    […] 3/17/11~Sparks become flames become fire~ (kellystclaire.wordpress.com) […]

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