5/19/11~I will not keep quiet

i don’t want to fight

i will not be told to keep quiet

stop asking me to


5/10/11~Does Luck Transform Fear?

does luck transform fear?

or is it love that recedes

swells living in me

5/9/11~ The day after Mother’s Day


for the long line of mothers

loving ancestors

5/7/11~Life devoid of love

destitute but proud

unwilling to settle for

life devoid of love


4/22/11~ Beauty in Struggle

a plight to behold

frought with silence and wonder

beauty in struggle


4/21/11~Spinning fire~

dancing with the flames

transforms the fear to loving

ignites my knowing


4/20/11~ Solitude~

sometimes you just need

silence, a hidden place to

soon emerge anew

4/19/11~Caressed by wind~

taking pause, pensive

in presence of bright future

caressed by the wind


I suppose this card is perfect to describe how I am feeling right now. I am laying out my future like a blueprint, with room for unimaginably wonderful possibilities.   I have worked with my heart and mind, and it is now time for a rest, a new path awaits, but I am enjoying this exhilaration for now.

4/18/11~Grasping for solitude~

4/18/11~Grasping for solitude~

he’s hiding his face

grasping for solitude

a much needed rest


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