Carrying Doomed Illusion

Carrying Doomed Illusion.


Strength in her heart


alone with herself

though surrounded by loved ones

there’s strength in her heart

5/25/11~ Trapped in Spiral Undertow

upside down i am

trapped in spiral undertow

breathing in my death


Yes, I am repeating a picture. This is the Death card in most decks and I feel that I am dying. My world has been turned upside down and I am not sure how to right it. I guess I will go write it, and hopefully expel the garbage from my head.

5/19/11~I will not keep quiet

i don’t want to fight

i will not be told to keep quiet

stop asking me to

Friday the 13th 2011~Dancing in a Formation

escaped from my heart

dancing in a formation

melting my anger


5/10/11~Does Luck Transform Fear?

does luck transform fear?

or is it love that recedes

swells living in me

5/9/11~ The day after Mother’s Day


for the long line of mothers

loving ancestors

5/7/11~Life devoid of love

destitute but proud

unwilling to settle for

life devoid of love


Bonus day~Pouring from my Heart 5/6/11

my own tragedy

passed through my life like water

pouring from my heart.


It is done.

5/5/11~Twirling down the drain

if it weren’t for change

shrouded in the highs and depths

i would cease to breathe.

if it weren’t for you

and your roller coaster of

affection blooming

i would cease to live,

as you know me to exist…

twirling down the drain.


Sometimes the pain is too much to bear. The love, is it enough? Is it even love? I am sick of feeling broken and fearful about ending up alone and crumpled up like a discarded piece of paper.  Paper is easily ripped, so are hearts.

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