Strength in her heart


alone with herself

though surrounded by loved ones

there’s strength in her heart


3/21/11~ Slicing the Horizon


new thoughts, a new path

cut into the horizon

start anew again



I do have some things to think about, some decisions to make. I have been afraid to lose my independence.  I have been stubbornly attached to something that perhaps isn’t the best thing for me, but now that I have opened my mind to  new and scary opportunities, perhaps I will shake things loose for real and really make a real change.



3/16/11~ I am blessed~


in blind faith i trust

the  offers of sustenance

for i am so blessed


I truly feel blessed.

If ever I decide to feel like I am not prosperous, I must remember not only to count my money, but to take stock of the needs that are being met. Some things need no money…Things I would normally feel I had to pay for.  I am not even talking about barter, but the generosity of another for no other reason than to be a loving person, no other reason except caring.

I want to be that person for someone else, perhaps we will cross paths tomorrow.

The full expression of the ‘Happy Family’

happy family

time soon slips through the filter

dessert is now served


Life can’t be all a melancholy soup, today is a good day. I am full of optimism. I am still high from my own cooking last night. I enjoyed it so much because it was well received, and nourishing.  After a hot shower, I slipped between the sheets and slept like a freshly nursed babe.   Ah, though well past days of nursing babies, I can almost accept it, well now, in this moment I am at peace.   That is what we have though, this moment.

I made this little collage of The Empress during one of my Art of Tarot classes, we had fun creating our own cards. It is resting between the winter remains of green, and beneath it, the rotting leaves. I wanted to share it. The 10 of Cups, the happy family card, does not express it as fully as I am feeling it.

Falsehoods standing in my life.

Falsehoods standing in my life.


to sow and to reap

and cut away the falsehoods

standing in my life




There is sometime wisdom in silence. The Wheel turns round and round…. Sometimes up, other times not.


1/17/11~The Lady~Druidcraft

1/17/11~Life’s Blood

1/17/11~Life’s Blood

on swelling tides i

dwell in possibilities

of another life


The Empress (or The Lady.)  I will be exploring her in many ways these next few days…. perhaps even weeks. Giver of life, and the one who causes the tides to swell.  Bestower of inspiration, and the one who carries that impulse.  She was once in my life and now she is again as I plant a seed every day.  Her presence quickens my heart as it beats, and I can feel the whoosh of life’s blood, as it courses through my veins. Ho.