Seeking New Vistas

Seeking New Vistas.


5/24/11~I am okay

candles flickering

remind me i am okay

it’s so very hard.

Here Kitty, Kitty

here kitty, kitty

eat from my outstretched fingers

curl with me at night


4/21/11~Spinning fire~

dancing with the flames

transforms the fear to loving

ignites my knowing


4/16/11~Jesus would not have done that!

live like a beacon

in seas of unconsciousness.

they don’t get the point


The opposite of love is a life lived in pain because you could not forgive. Affection that is not real because it is conditional. Pain so soakingly experienced because no one was left to shield you from the storm.

What good is it to have the perfect looking life if the people around you are hurting and you are doing nothing?

3/12/11~ Breathe me into the salt spray~

2/22/11~ Oracle Day for Manifestation


on the path I’m on

the road is paved with golden



I used the Gaia Oracle today.

2/21/11~ Refuge

i give him my heart

he supports me so i can

hide in my refuge

2/20/11~ Naughty, naughty.

you can’t hide from me

i see your intentions clear

naughty, naughty you



2/19/11~ More Collaboration!

plentiful dinner

my appetite, satisfied

collaboration, fulfilled


I spent the first half of my day in a Balla Guerra workshop, dancing with swords, I am feeling a bit rubbery, and relaxed as only one is after a heavy-duty physical challenge. ┬áThen I went through the pictures from last night’s 365 Gathering at Mekong in Richmond, VA. The lighting was a bit dim, so it was a challenge to get a good picture without using flash, but I did manage to get one of the Temperance card from the Faerie Tarot, with Ralph, from The Little Glass Fish, and a snow globe from Snow Globe 365. Swiper is even there, hiding under the umbrella, you can see a sliver of him.

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